i really like january….maybe because it is my birth month, but  also it kind of kicks back and lets out a big sigh after the mad rush of the holidays.

january brings a new year into focus…looks inward to the soul and asks, “well, what do you have planned for me?”

january is not the harbinger of spring..it is not the cupid of february or the blossom of may.  it is bare bones … and that is a good thing, building from the branch out.

i don’t make resolutions.  did that.  broke them after a few weeks. so, now i just kind of look inside myself, sort  out the  beans and decide what my next project will be.  that is, of course, after christmas gets put away.

hello january….it’s been awhile since i looked inside.


winter snow…

i heard a song this year that i never heard before.  for some reason the lyrics and the melody really spoke to my heart.  it was a christmas song sung by the youth choir…

winter snow….by audrey assad:

could’ve come like a mighty storm  … with all the strength of a hurricane

you could’ve come like a forest fire …  with the power of heaven in your flame.

but you came like a winter snow … quiet and soft and slow

falling from the sky in the night … to the earth below

like winter snow.

photo by richard batchelor, yavapai hills, prescott, az

enter the christmas season….

“sleigh bells ring….are you listening? in the lane, snow is glistening….”

well, not exactly….not here, in the desert southwest, anyway.   but it will be soon.  the lack of snow doesn’t infringe upon the christmas spirit….it is just a bit different.

fresh trees, wreaths and garlands are not practical here.  everything is “faux”….oh you can buy fresh trees, but with the arid climate, needles will drop and by the time christmas day rolls around, you won’t have much more than a stick.  besides, it is a fire hazard, to say the least.

i do miss the scent of pine, though.  guess i will have to look for some christmas tree “aromatics” somewhere.

our entire family (barring any emergency) will be gathered here for christmas day.  instead of a christmas goose, we will share a christmas turkey with all the trimmings….and perhaps, the traditional polish meatballs.  although the meatballs are an intense undertaking, they are so loved….this is one of the polish traditions that we hold on to dearly…. and of course, the christmas cookies….a favorite of each offspring.

so, i had better get my jingle in gear and get my christmas on…

“what a beautiful sight…we’re happy tonight……”


king november…

november brings about many thoughts….

i think of my dad who passed away in november.  i remember the golden hues of the oak trees that lined the street where he lived with my mother.  such a peaceful street.

i guess it was fitting that he died on such a beautiful november day.  he was a good man albeit stubborn and opinionated….i am like him in so many ways.  i miss him.

november leads us quietly to thanksgiving.  no hoopla.  no twinkling lights or glittered ornaments.  just family and food.  thankfulness and retrospect.  grateful for those who have been in our lives and those who still remain.

i love november for its serene presence.  the temps cool down after months of arduous heat.  the pace is slow for now….soon enough it will become frenzied with the prelude to christmas….but for now, november is king.

long and winding road….

last year, in october, my hubs and i took a trip to oregon.  such a beautiful state.  i could live there … except in the winter.  oregon has rain.  lots of rain…

but then….everything becomes so green with the rain.

we travelled from portland to eugene…eugene to medford….medford to ashland….ashland to the coastline.  the coast back to portland and multnomah falls… each area had its unique beauty. beauty that beckons .. “come and explore me” .

i have lived in the desert southwest for over 35 years.  my husband has lived here over 40 yrs.  i am tired of the desert blandness.  i call it the land of beige. oh yes, there is a smidge of green here and there…but, for the most part…beige, tan, rock landscapes…grass is not allowed in some areas.  i can understand that.  water is precious.  the low desert areas get little rain.  this year, the rain was scarce….the summer hottest….

i find my mind wandering down the long and winding road…..it is green…it is soothing…it is oregon….


autumn dreams….

fall is in the air.

thoughts of apples …as in pies, cider, baked, cobbler, cake, sauce wander aimlessly inside my head…..

colorful leaves crunching underfoot on a cool morning walk.

the smell of woodsmoke from chimneys in the neighborhood….tantalizing.

pumpkins appearing on door steps and front porches…..their jagged features smiling in welcome….

POOF !  hey, where did it go?  i dialed the” autumn hotline”…

“hello, you have reached the autumn hotline.  all of our representatives are busy with other parts of the country.  but….your call is very important to us.  please leave your name, city and text number, and we will call you back in the order that your call was received….the approximate wait time for replies is………………60 days in your area.  thank you for calling and have a good wait.”

huh?  the calendar says …. “first day of fall” was yesterday.  the temperature was 108 degrees here….. where is autumn???????

only in my dreams…….only in my dreams….only in my dreams……..