this is my man….

my husband was born in south western ohio.  in hocking county. the country side there is pretty rural…lovely farm land and rolling hills. small towns. neighbors who know each other and holler out as they drive by.

the church congregations are very connected.  bake sales and pot lucks…rummage sales and fund raisers.  folks there are tight.  they speak with a slow ohio accent.

my husband’s aunt mildred used to always call him “my man”….i had not heard that term used before.  what did i know back then?  i was a city girl…a motown production.

i have lived in the country and i have lived in the city.  i liked them both….maybe i am really a country mouse and a city mouse at the same time…..but i digress….

mildred always referred to my hubs as “my man”.  i guess it has a certain rural appeal.

anyway,,,,,,”my man” had a birthday earlier this month. he was born in ohio but raised in flint, michigan.  his father was an employee of fisher body owned by general motors.  his mother was a nurse.  my man attended school at flint central  his allegiance is still there.  memories of school friends and events are close to his heart…

my man is also a navy man.  he was a medic in the navy , stationed in the middle of the desert in hawthorne, nv.  i think it is rather amusing that for a navy man, he had never stepped foot on a ship.  for his birthday, he wanted a navy cap.  so that is exactly what he got….a navy cap, a navy tshirt and a navy pocket watch.

that man of mine is one handsome sailor!  happy birthday, my man……and may you have many many more !


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