shadow walking my dog…..

sophie is definitely a creature of habit.  she knows when it is time for me to take her for a walk.  no matter what i am doing, she will come up to me…put her paws up on me and start kissing me…is she a suckup?  yup.

so here it is, time for another walk.   in just a few minutes, sophie and i will do the usual route…out the front door, around the corner…up san gabriel to the second street north of the bridge, turn around, head south to mcneil around the corner to the mail boxes and back home again.  sometimes we vary the route.  sometimes we take the path along the wash area.  i just resumed the wash walk recently.  why did i stop?  let me tell you….

i had a friend named scott.  scott lived along the wash area.  his backyard faced up to the wash path.  sophie and i saw scott in his backyard everytime we walked that route.  he always called out a friendly  “hello!”.  sometimes we stood and talked for awhile.  scott was a natural draw to animals.  they loved him.  he fed the squirrels peanuts.  he fed the quail.  he fed the prairie dogs.  he loved sophie and sophie loved him back.  sophie also loved scott’s dog, penny.  scott died last summer.  he had cancer.  for the longest time, i could not bring myself to walk the wash area, thinking that, if i avoided the path, then, i didn’t have to face the absence of scott.

so now, sophie and i resumed the walk along the wash.  scott is not there anymore, but sometimes, penny is.  sophie always looks up to see if scott is there.  i think she misses him.  so do i.


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