a little purple…

today is groundhog day, but i really don’t want to talk about groundhogs….because every february 2nd, phil sees his shadow and we are in for another six weeks of winter….happens every year.  doesn’t matter here.  we have spring weather in february.

but what i do want to talk about, is the wild lilacs or hardenbergia as it is called botanically.  this vine is not as pungent as the lilacs that grow so beautifully in the midwest or east, but it brings a little touch of that to us here in the southwest.

the scent is faint and the blossoms are not as showy, but the wild lilac is gorgeous to us.  every spring it puts out its flowers and draws the bees.  i for one am happy as a lark to see this.  i look forward to the blooming every.

we have tried planting so many different types of vines over the years…but this one actually thrives!

this is our most beautiful time of the year….before the sun becomes a cooker and fries everything in its sight.

here is a peek of the hardenbergia in bloom…..enjoy!


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