seems like pantone has declared orange or tangerine tango as the color for 2012…i guess we need to have a cheery color, but forgive me if i don’t get excited about it.

don’t get me wrong, tangerines, oranges, tangelos and other citrus are wonderful to eat…i also love apricots and peaches too….but the color itself?  not so much.

for some reason it takes me back to the sixties when avocado, burnt orange and harvest gold  were THE colors.  upholstered furniture, carpeting (and shag no doubt)  and even appliances were featured in every home decor magazine you could imagine.  orange and its aliases were also very popular in women’s clothing too….not to mention cosmetics…lipsticks and blushers were touted to insure that we would definitely be in vogue, and make us “beautiful”…..

not to be left behind in this orangerie, i rushed down to the nearest cosmetics counter to buy the latest hues.  oh how i wanted to be one of the “beautiful” people…..omgosh! without a second’s hesitation i took the french marigold lipstick out of the bag and rolled it over my lips….i could not believe how transformed i was…..and how ghastly.  orange is cheerful, orange is delicious, but orange is definitely not the color for everyone…..sorry pantone, i think i will stick to something a bit more manageable….

ummmmmmmmm    yellow?


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