one lucky duck….

january is marching…

my birthday came and went…such a lovely day it was.  it began with red red roses and a lovely birthday card from my soul mate.  he is very thoughtful.  i love fresh flowers and he knows that. i had hundreds (well, not really, but it seemed like it to me) of messages, emails, phone calls, and cards and gifts from friends and family.  yes, i am a lucky duck.

my husby took me to my favorite junque store, lizabel’s in phoenix.  that place really rocks.  there is so much to look at. this was a supreme gesture of love on husby’s part, because not only does he not like to shop, but shopping in a junque store is even less desirable on his “like” list. i bought a couple of things there, nothing big….just small things.  i have lots of big projects to do as it is, so the purchase of any more  projects-to-be was just not a good idea. next up, was lowe’s….yup.  some girls like jewelry, some like clothes, and i like lowe’s.  got one dandy orbital sander to make the projects do-able.

getting home brought another surprise of fresh flowers from one of my daughters.  it is so awesome….in the shape of a birthday cake.  it is just so cool.

wouldn’t mind having a birthday every day…..oh, wait,  i already do….i wake up on the right side of the grass….


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