enter the christmas season….

“sleigh bells ring….are you listening? in the lane, snow is glistening….”

well, not exactly….not here, in the desert southwest, anyway.   but it will be soon.  the lack of snow doesn’t infringe upon the christmas spirit….it is just a bit different.

fresh trees, wreaths and garlands are not practical here.  everything is “faux”….oh you can buy fresh trees, but with the arid climate, needles will drop and by the time christmas day rolls around, you won’t have much more than a stick.  besides, it is a fire hazard, to say the least.

i do miss the scent of pine, though.  guess i will have to look for some christmas tree “aromatics” somewhere.

our entire family (barring any emergency) will be gathered here for christmas day.  instead of a christmas goose, we will share a christmas turkey with all the trimmings….and perhaps, the traditional polish meatballs.  although the meatballs are an intense undertaking, they are so loved….this is one of the polish traditions that we hold on to dearly…. and of course, the christmas cookies….a favorite of each offspring.

so, i had better get my jingle in gear and get my christmas on…

“what a beautiful sight…we’re happy tonight……”



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