long and winding road….

last year, in october, my hubs and i took a trip to oregon.  such a beautiful state.  i could live there … except in the winter.  oregon has rain.  lots of rain…

but then….everything becomes so green with the rain.

we travelled from portland to eugene…eugene to medford….medford to ashland….ashland to the coastline.  the coast back to portland and multnomah falls… each area had its unique beauty. beauty that beckons .. “come and explore me” .

i have lived in the desert southwest for over 35 years.  my husband has lived here over 40 yrs.  i am tired of the desert blandness.  i call it the land of beige. oh yes, there is a smidge of green here and there…but, for the most part…beige, tan, rock landscapes…grass is not allowed in some areas.  i can understand that.  water is precious.  the low desert areas get little rain.  this year, the rain was scarce….the summer hottest….

i find my mind wandering down the long and winding road…..it is green…it is soothing…it is oregon….



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