autumn dreams….

fall is in the air.

thoughts of apples …as in pies, cider, baked, cobbler, cake, sauce wander aimlessly inside my head…..

colorful leaves crunching underfoot on a cool morning walk.

the smell of woodsmoke from chimneys in the neighborhood….tantalizing.

pumpkins appearing on door steps and front porches…..their jagged features smiling in welcome….

POOF !  hey, where did it go?  i dialed the” autumn hotline”…

“hello, you have reached the autumn hotline.  all of our representatives are busy with other parts of the country.  but….your call is very important to us.  please leave your name, city and text number, and we will call you back in the order that your call was received….the approximate wait time for replies is………………60 days in your area.  thank you for calling and have a good wait.”

huh?  the calendar says …. “first day of fall” was yesterday.  the temperature was 108 degrees here….. where is autumn???????

only in my dreams…….only in my dreams….only in my dreams……..


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