i choose happy….

today i choose to be happy.  there are many things i could be somber about, but really…

i woke up twice today….the first time i awoke, it was way too early for me….somewhere between 5:30 and 6 a.m.  i tossed and turned tring to find my sleep “number” again…but not to be found, i got physically out of bed and padded my way into the kitchen….

“what’s this all about?” asked my husband…..”can’t sleep”, i muttered.  slumped into a chair and grabbed the newspaper.  decided, yes, i will have my coffee…and set up the keurig to brew a perfect cup of house blend.  okay….so paper is read…coffee consumed…back to bed at 7:30 am to try again…..this time i woke up at 10a.m.   ahh…much better….now i am happy to start the day.

i read some blog postings from a few of my favorite bloggers, got  decorating inspiration re my house “re-do” and spoke to my son via text messaging.  he makes me smile. texting is the only way we can “talk”.  my son lives in another state.  my son is deaf.  we “speak” thru words….texted words.  he makes me laugh….

my husband makes me laugh too….he is my joy….he is my soul.  he “found” me when i was very unhappy….and lifted me out of my corner into the lightness of being…….happy.  this is not to say that every moment we have ever shared was a comedy act…. but.even during dark times, he has pushed me into the sunnyness of life.

one of the bloggers i follow lost her soulmate recently…..she writes of her pain and longing from a very deep place in her heart.  she may not know it yet, but love will find her again.  it may not be the same…but it will find her…..


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