with all the special programs and events that have been seen this week preceeding cannot help but to stop and reflect on that day ten years ago…when the nation stood still.

the time seemed to just speed by.  the days following 9-11,  life changed drastically for this country.  we are more aware of security… we went to war with the terrorists who claimed responsiblity.  travel became more rigorous.  a big hole was left not only in the ground at new york city, shanksville, and dc….but also in the hearts of america.

and for those who lost loved ones ….an unfathomable  chasm opened up in their lives. nothing would be as before that fateful day.  today, life slows again, as we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice…not only on september 11th….but those that came afterward.. the men and women whose courage and service gave us the gift of freedom….

let us never forget……


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