one of the best books that i have ever read is “the help” by kathryn stockett.  it was recently made into a movie that i just could NOT wait to see.  i told my husband over and over that we must see this movie…so much so, that i think he started to zone out whenever i brought up the subject.  i know he was thinking…”this is definitely a chick flick”.

so it was with some reluctance that he agreed to go with me.  we went on opening day.  he was sure he would be the only “guy” in the theater….and, for awhile he was.  we were 30 minutes early for the first showing in the mid morning.  when we got into the designated theater, i could see that there were plenty of women…but no men.  i could hear him whispering….”see, i told you….i will be the ONLY male here”…. the other women were encouraging him with their kind words about bravery, etc.  the closer  we edged to movie time, the more he was convinced that he would get the dubious honor of lone man.  but, wait… comes another and another and another….in all, there were 5 brave souls in a sea of females.

and guess what?    they all LOVED it !  see the movie, read the book….it is a keeper…


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