oh my junk !

i have started the process of clearing up my workroom, office, studio, craftroom, sanctuary, or to be more accurate,,,,,dumpsite.  this room used to be the guestroom.  we haven’t really had anyone use the “guest” room in a very long time.

my mother was the last to use it …  although, she wasn’t a guest…. she was my mother for pete’s sake.

the bed was given away…in its place, came “storage pieces” to hold my craft supplies.  it looked pretty neat at first.  everything lined up on the shelves and in the cupboards.  the problem came along with the advent of more “stuff”….fabric, ribbons, stickers, papers, pens, pencils, paints, more fabric, jars, boxes, yarns and fibers, beads and jewelry findings, and odd pieces that defy description.

i am moving “stuff” out … not only to refresh and paint the room, but also to separate the “chaff from the wheat”.  in other words, i have too much crap….and it is more than past time to cull.

so, as an incentive to keep me moving in the right direction, i am posting the “before”..and hope in due time, i will proudly post the after shots..

no…..i am NOT a hoarder…NOT a hoarder…NOT a hoarder…..


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