looking for rain…..

i think the entire country and some even out of country  have heard about the giant dust storm or “haboob” that we encountered recently… this particular storm was of epic proportions.

the desert has a monsoon every summer.  the monsoon is a change in the wind direction which generally brings up moisture from the south and swirls it around to the south and east portions of az first, then as it continues to swirl it can go north and finally come around to the west.  the monsoon usually comes around in early to mid july and lasts until mid to late september. if there has not been sufficient rain to tamp down the dust in the area, well then the wind kicks up the loose dirt and dust and moves it along until it becomes a huge wall of dirt and debris.  it is not a pleasant experience.

the infamous “haboob” was a gigantic wall of dirt and debris that moved along the valley from east to west. winds were fierce and long lasting.  the dirt it brought with it blanketed everything in its path with thick dust and particles.  usually, after a dust storm subsides, the rains quench the dry earth; but, if there is not sufficient rain to settle the dirt the raindrops mix with the dust and make mud.  the air doesn’t have the fresh cleansing scent that rain usually provides….it just smells like dirt.


this is what the middle of a dust storm looks like….not pretty is it?


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