the pause that refreshes….

living in the desert brings unimaginable heat.  we get cranky because it is so hot…we complain to anyone who will listen and even if no one will…

our daily life slows down….too hot to walk….too hot to go shopping…definitely too hot to cook…too hot to clean. the heat makes us sluggish.  even meals change to a lighter fare…a salad…a sandwich… a bowl of fruit. maybe that is why thanksgiving comes in november or surely we could not ever think of cooking a turkey…

we draw the  window blinds making the house look like a cave.  all the overhead fans are turned on to move the air around,  while the drone of one fan that is slightly off balance becomes a monotonous tune. the air conditioning seems to drone on almost continuously, providing us with blessed coolness and an additional rythym  to the off kilter click of the fan…

outside chores are kept to a minimum … completed in the early morning hours or after the sun has set…the plants look parched…dry, brittle…tired.

we look for refreshment .. cool drinks, ice pops, or an oasis …….


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