moon walk…..

well, i am so glad that my hubby is kicking my butt….oh yes….now that the temps are cooking (and we are talking about 110 degrees today), i have been balking about taking sophie for a walk….definitely too hot to walk during the heat of the day…and by the time evening falls, i fall prey to inertia……

but leave it to hubby to not say too much, just gets ready for walking sophie….he changes into shorts , puts on his socks and walking tennies, and sophie begins to do the happy dance.  how could i say no to that?  out we go, flashlight in hand, cell phone and whistle in my pockets…and yes, the doggie doo bag….

as we walked thru the wash area on the trail, we could see the full moon rising just below the mountain….by the time we came to the end of the trail…the man in the moon rose to say “hello”… i am so glad we went for this walk…..sighhhhhhhhhhhh


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