sophie….before and after….

  sophie got her summer haircut this past   week.   it is way shorter than the cut i      usually get for her.  summer is here.  the   temps are hot and getting hotter.            maybe  105-110 by thursday….so short  hair  makes a lot of sense.

she is a rambunctious little girl as well.   loves to chase lizards in the back yard       and dig in the garden as well.  although   she is a “water girl”, she doesn’t like to swim… guess she won’t be going to the pool..  she is a little lover…gives kisses all the time …and always wants to be your best friend….(and she is!)

so even if she is a little naked….she doesn’t seem to mind at all..

isn’t she adorable?   her fur feels like a velvet pillow…i call her my little black sheep.

mary had a little lamb…her coat was black as coal…and everywere that mary went, her lamb was sure to go…

she followed her outside one day…and frolicked in the sun…lizards, water, dirt and stuff…oh, what could be more fun?

do you like her new “do” ?


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