i can imagine….

i would like to live in a house like this.   i can see myself sitting in a rocking chair on this wonderful front porch…drinking homemade lemonade….talking to my husband as he relaxes in the twin to my rocker.  waving to the neighbors as they walk by…saying “hey, how y’all doing today?”…i can see a flower box filled with pink geraniums and blue lobelia spilling over its edges.

i can imagine that inside the house, there are lots of rooms with nooks and coves…issuing an invitation to sit and read by the window while the snow gently falls in the winter…a kitchen that smells of cinnamon and melted butter….apples baking in a pie while a warming fire beckons from the fireplace….oh yes, i can imagine the rooms in this house….

in the autumn i can imagine plump orange pumpkins all aglow with candlelight….nesting in leaves of sugar maple red and oak gold and sitting  in welcome on the front steps   and children seeking treats of candy and popcorn balls…

i can imagine a mat at the front door….one that says…”welcome home”…





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