practice makes perfect??

so that is what they say….whoever “they” is…..i seem to have a few problems getting the hang of this “blog” thing…but i guess, in time , i will get better…

so it’s a breezy day today;  sunny, blue skies and temps to reach 100 degrees.  no picnic or outing this weekend..i kind of miss that.  although, it does give me time to reflect on all sorts of things…like what this memorial day is supposed to be all about.   i think about all the young people who went to fight a war that they may not have been  so sure about what its purpose was.  But they answered the call, anyway.  i think about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  i think about their families and loved ones.  maybe these thoughts are better than the hot dogs and potato salad….the lemonade and the picnic blanket.

after all, didn’t these brave soldiers of war make a bigger sacrifice?



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