life on this planet….

I really don’t live in outer space, although my family would probably dispute this fact.    Most days, I live in the greater Phoenix, AZ area….some days, I do live in the milky way…. my own little world of thoughts.

I live with my husband of many years, and a gang of three dogs, one cat and one bird.  All of them, except for the youngest dog, were rescued from various places. We do have human children too, but they are all adult and have busy lives of their own. So, since the four-leggers have long since placed their paws over their ears to block out my mutterings, I have turned to blogging.

Our weather here, is currently pleasant, but i know that the heat ogre is on its way. Summers here in the desert southwest can be very challenging.  We are pretty out-of-sync with the nation as a whole…growing times are very different.  Every planting is a crapshoot.  If the care tag on a plant says “Loves the Sun”…you can be sure that it does not mean “Loves the ARIZONA Sun”… because if you do happen to be a newbie and take the care tag at its word….the poor little plant will likely shrivel up and die….I have lived here for many years, and I still manage to get suckered into buying a plant that has a pretty face, but clearly will break my heart before the first week of summer..

Don’t feel sorry for me, though….I have had some successes and I will be happy to introduce them to you…

hardenbergia...aka "wild lilac"

Hardenbergia blooms in the spring…sometime in March or early April.  It actually lives throughout the hot summer.  It has a milder scent than conventional lilacs…not quite as showy…but, hey, I will take whatever I can get.

More characters to come….


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